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From identifying requirements to on-site equipment routing, we offer tailor-made technical and logistics expertise at competitive rates. Our electrical solutions are exported to Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and French overseas territories. High Voltage range A and Low Voltage equipment supplied to leading European and Australian manufacturers.
Our strategic partners will be on-hand to support you at each phase of your industrial projects. Our business activities are concentrated in the areas of power distribution, industry and renewable energies. Our customer portfolio includes local companies, public operators, industrial groups and mining companies. ENYS POWER stands out from its competitors because of its support services, market positioning and company values.

Our Foundations

ENYS POWER is founded on three robust foundations, making it a trusted partner

Our drive

contribute to growth in emerging countries, by fostering partnerships to develop local skills.

Our values

mindful of social and environmental challenges facing the world today, we have positioned Social Responsibility at the forefront of our priorities.

Our commitments

Costs, Quality, Deadlines, Responsible Purchasing

4 expert areas

for its customers
Négoce International

International trading

Our network of partners means we can offer quality equipment that meets international standards.
  • LV/HV cables, fibre optics and accessories.
  • LV equipment: I&C, automation, control, instrumentation.
  • HV range A equipment: HV range A/LV transformers, HV range A switchboards and accessories.
  • HV range A and LV variable speed drives.
  • Inverters – Chargers.
  • HV/LV line equipment.
  • Motor and pump.
  • Lighting and masts.
  • Fire protection.
  • Lightening protection.
Transfert de compétences

Skills transfer

Qualified personnel means efficient maintenance .We can provide training and support solutions for your employees.

Work in safety, predict breakdowns and help extend the service life of your electrical installations.

Projets et conversion d'énergie

Conversion and Projects

ENYS POWER develops and offers HV range A/LV energy conversion solutions.
  • Skid-mounted permanent or mobile sub-stations, calibrated for exports, which can withstand extreme conditions.
  • Solution provider for photovoltaic, wind power, cogeneration, power storage and electrical distribution projects.
Supply Chain

Supply chain

Manage your Supply Chain by controlling your logistics flows.

Optimize transportation, in line with your cost and deadline constraints.

From factory-based activities to on-site delivery, ENYS POWER manages all stages of the export process (Incoterms, Audit organisation, Certificate of origin, EUR1, Letter of credit, etc.)

Our expertise in customs procedures secures your procurement activities.

Our products

A trusted partner from design to manufacturing.

Choosing ENYS POWER means choosing a dynamic and experienced company that contributes to your energy independence.

You have the projects, we have the solutions.

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