Our CSR commitments

We know our business has a direct impact on the environment, which is why we are committed to focusing our activity on renewable energy and rural electrification projects.

Our commitment is embedded in the company’s DNA and reflected by our employees.

Our CSR commitments revolve around 3 attributes:

  • Our values

    Concerned about the social and environmental challenges of today’s world, we have placed Social Responsibility at the center of our priorities.

  • Our wish

    Contribute to the growth of emerging countries, by developing partnerships aimed at increasing local skills

  • Our commitments

    Cost, Quality, Time, Responsible Purchasing
    We offer our customers products and services that meet ISO9001 & ISO14001 standards

Moreover, our overall approach does not simply end on the business side of things.

We also support non-profit organisations that share our values.

We’re proud of our initiatives, such as our partnership with “La Samaritaine”, a sports association that believes in the integration of young people through sports, and with “West Indies Family Montpellier aka la WIF”, a cultural association active in developing West Indian culture in France.

ENYS POWER is a partner of the La Samaritaine soccer team in Martinique

Partenariat avec lassociation antillaise La WIF realisation Tifo

Partnership with the West Indian association La WIF

Training CEET staff in TOGO on high voltage systems