Hydrocarbons management

Concerned about respecting the environment and controlling the risks of pollution linked to hydrocarbons, we offer a range of products around the electrical transformer.

The damage caused by these hydrocarbons is a disaster for our environment.

We must reduce the risk to 0 for our soils and our waters in the event of a spill.

The operation of transformers requires a retention system that complies with standards NFC13-100, NFC13-200 and NF 17-300.

SANERGRID Bac de retention anti feu ERT

We offer retention solutions that meet the standards of the National Center for Prevention and Protection (CNPP).

According to the NFC13200 and EN61936 standards, dielectric recovery must be carried out as follows:

Dielectric recovery devices must be sealed and designed to withstand temperature rises resulting from the burning dielectric and the nature of the dielectric.

Every precaution must be taken so that the recovery tanks do not fill with water. The separation between oil and water must be done by means of a suitable device.