ENYS POWER, HV/LV transformer solutions designer on the African electrical distribution and renewable energies market.

From the study of the need to the on-site delivery of your equipment.

We offer you tailor-made technical and logistical expertise. Our strategic partnerships allow us to support you at every stage of your industrial projects.

We work for "EPC" clients, renewable energy developers and industrialists in the fields of electrical distribution, photovoltaics, wind power, energy storage (BESS), electric mobility (charging stations) and green hydrogen.

  1. Studies and Design
  2. Integration
  3. Supply Chain
  4. Support and Commissioning
  5. Maintenance
Our turnkey solutions

A trusted partner

Supported by many expert and recognized partners, we guarantee the success of your projects.

  • €12M of electrical equipment exported
  • Through 17 countries
  • Over 110,000 kVA in operation
  • 340 transformers shipped to Africa

A committed and experienced company

ENYS POWER stands out for the support it provides, its market position and the values it holds. 3 key attributes make us a partner you can trust.

  • Wish

    Contribute to the growth of emerging countries, by developing partnerships aimed at increasing local skills.

  • Values

    Concerned about the social and environmental challenges of today's world, we have placed Social Responsibility at the center of our priorities.

  • Commitments

    Cost, Quality, Time, Responsible Purchasing because we are fully committed to environmental transition.

  • Our last project

    Delivery of the POWER LINE to the IEC


    Ivory Coast
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