Our partners

ENYS POWER relies on and works closely with such trusted partners as Siemens, Peinta and Sanergrid.

Nationally and internationally recognised partners.



PEINTA integrates specific electrotechnical equipment in challenging environments for the industrial, engineering and manufacturing sectors.

A global player in 3 markets:

  • Energy: Integrates specific equipment in shelters and prefabricated containers for electrical distribution.
  • Nuclear: Designs and manufactures seismic qualified equipment for new build and retrofit programmes.
  • Defence: Designs and manufactures on-board equipment for the French Navy.

Expert in :

  • Designing and manufacturing specific enclosures
  • Integrating electrotechnical components and sub-assemblies into suitable structures

Skills and experience:

  • Sheet metal / Electrical / Command & Control Engineering
  • Sheet metal work and painting
  • Wiring and Integration
  • Tests and trials
  • Enhanced quality

PEINTA is one of the 26 companies in the GALILE group, with a total workforce of 500 people spread over 3 business units: Industry, Digitalisation and Handling.


Among our key partners, Siemens is the international group specialised in the energy, healthcare, industrial and building sectors.

« Engineering excellence, innovation, quality and reliability »

Siemens’ areas of operation :

  • Smart infrastructure for buildings
  • Distributed energy systems
  • Automation and digitalisation in the process
  • manufacturing industries


ENYS POWER works closely with the Smart Infrastructure business unit of SIEMENS Belgium.

« Let’s create sustainable environments »

Siemens’ Smart Infrastructure connects energy systems, buildings and industries to form an intelligent infrastructure that adapts to and evolves with the way we live and work. We work with our clients and partners to create an ecosystem that intuitively addresses user needs and helps clients optimise the use of resources. This benefits everyone: clients, society and the environment.

SANERGRID Mise en service sous station electrique


SANERGRID designs solutions dedicated to industrial risk, environmental protection and the distribution of electrical transformers.

SANERGRID’s main activities:

  • Designing, manufacturing and distributing oil retention solutions for electrical transformers.
  • Official distributor of KOLEKTOR ETRA power transformers, oil transformers from 10 to 500 MVA and up to 420 kV.
  • Official distributor of SGB transformers, GRAVITYline dry-type distribution transformers

French SME based on 3 pillars:

  • Innovation dedicated to the environment
  • Cost optimisation
  • Reducing environmental impact

Active in 5 business lines:

  • Transformer risk management
  • Treatment of water polluted by hydrocarbons
  • Distribution of HV/LV transformers
  • Electrical insulation and protection
  • Innovation, digitalisation and development