Siemens spare parts

Enys Power and Siemens offer you an interactive spare parts service.

Analysis of the obsolescence of your installations, complete management of your Siemens spare parts while respecting the sense of urgency. The Smart Services division will ensure that you are fully productive.

The different product ranges (SIMATIC, SITRANS, SIRUS, SINAMICS, SINUMERIK, SIMOTICS, SIMOGEAR) are characterised by high quality products that will meet your needs.

Automation – SIMATIC range


Flexible and innovative solutions with Siemens industrial PCs and IPC systems with long-term availability for PC-based automation With PC-based automation, you can implement applications and solutions that go far beyond the functions of a conventional controller. SIMATIC PC-based products offer you a flexible and innovative platform with long-term availability that gives you a field advantage in meeting the challenges of the digital plant for your machines and facilities.

  • Automaton: 6ES
  • Power supply: 6EP
  • Console: 6AV
  • Industrial PC: 6AG
  • Switch: 6GK
  • Network cable: 6GK
  • Spare parts: AE5
  • Network cable: 6 XS

Automation – SITRANS range

  • Transmitter: 7MH / 7MC

Command & Control – SIRIUS industrial controls range

Controle commande SIEMENS 1

With SIRIUS, we offer you a comprehensive portfolio of products for every industrial control application. With their modular design, our products can be easily planned and installed in a control cabinet, integrated into decentralised systems and optimally coordinated with each other.

  • Push-button: 3SB
  • Beacon: 8WD
  • Contact switch: 3RT
  • Starter: 3RW
  • Motor start: 3RA
  • Circuit breaker: 3RV / 3VL / 5SM / 5ST / 5SY
  • Disconnector: 3LD
  • Switch: 3SE
  • Safety relay: 3TK
  • Overload relay: 3RB

Frequency converter – SINAMICS range

Variateur de vitesse SIEMENS

With SINAMICS frequency converters, you can perform any individual drive task in medium voltage and in the DC voltage range. Siemens converters, motors and controllers: all drive components are perfectly coordinated and can be easily integrated into your existing automation system. With the SINAMICS converter, you are ready for digitalisation. You benefit from ultra-efficient development and a multitude of tools throughout the product development and manufacturing process In addition, you gain space in the control cabinet thanks to the integrated safety technology. SINAMICS – My drive, it’s as simple as that!

  • Converter: 6SL / 6SE
  • Cable: 6FX
  • Transformer: 4AM / 4AT

Frequency converter – SINUMERIK range

  • Variateur : 6SN / 6FC


  • Motor: 1FK / 1FT / 1PH
  • Spare part: EWN / A5E

Electric motor – SIMOTICS range

Moteur electrique SIEMENS

SIMOTICS electric motors, quality and innovation for industry. SIMOTICS electric motors stand for quality, innovation and high efficiency. They cover a wide range of industrial synchronous and asynchronous motors up to high voltage DC motors. Based on 150 years of experience, SIEMENS electric motors are an integral component of industries connected to their production.

  • DC motor: 1GG / 1GH
  • BC motor: 1LA / 1LG / 1LE
  • ATEX motor: 1PS / DNG / 1MJ / 1MA / 1MD
  • MT motor: 1LA / 1RQ / 1SQ / 1SG
  • Converter: 6SL / Perfect Harmony
  • Spare parts: NMA / AE5 / CZF / EWN / XZM

Geared motor – SIMOGEAR range

Motoreducteur SIEMENS

Our extensive range of geared motors ensures you will always find the optimal product to meet your needs. The new SIMOGEAR delivers the highest level of flexibility due to our wide range of gear units, with total adaptability and compact design. We also supply servo geared motors for motion control applications. Advantages: – Compact – Rugged – Energy efficiency The SIMOGEAR portfolio now includes two new products: the SIMOGEAR reluctance geared motor and the SIMOGEAR KS adapter. Innovations that create one of a kind new drives.

  • Geared motor: 2KK
  • Spare parts: FDU / FFA
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