ENYS POWER provides emergency oil-filled transformer for Djibouti

ENYS POWER is supplying a 2500 KVA 20 KV/410 V oil-filled transformer for Djibouti as an emergency replacement.

The context

The transformer was delivered to EDD (Electricité de Djibouti), the public company that manages the production and distribution of electricity throughout Djibouti.

In a bid to anticipate and prevent, EDD was looking to replace an existing transformer that was showing signs of imminent failure. This transformer supplied a very densely populated village in the Djibouti sub-region.

Emballage Transformateur 2500kVA 20kV 410V 50° CUIVRE

The objective

We faced a genuine race against the clock after the existing transformer failed and left the village with no power. As a recourse, EDD installed a generating set but with a high diesel consumption rate.

There was a need to find a solution very quickly, so we were urgently called upon by our local partner. As this type of transformer is very rarely in stock, we were able to rely on the flexibility and hard work of the plant to produce it quickly.

We also had to manage the packaging, logistics and shipping to Djibouti.

A complete process achieved in record time.

The transformer

Technical specifications:

  • Transformateur à huile 2500kVA 20kV 410V
  • Température ambiante de fabrication 50°C
  • Enroulements en cuivre
  • Peinture extérieure C5M
  • Poids net du transformateur 4900KG
  • Emballage bois maritime SEI4C