HV oil-filled transformers

Fluid-filled transformers up to 30 MVA and 170 kV


HV oil-filled transformers are a reliable and tailored solution for clients that allows for a wide range of configurations and installations. They comply with the IEC EN 60076 standard.

Special features of fully-filled transformers

The extreme elasticity of the cooling waves present on the transformer’s body makes it possible to compensate for increases in the volume of the insulating liquid due to its operating temperature, and its hermetic seal prevents moisture absorption, which means it can be considered “Maintenance-free”.

Description of HV oil-filled transformers

Dielectric oil-filled transformers have the following characteristics:

  • ONAN cooling
  • Can be installed either indoors or outdoors
  • Surface treatment for corrosion protection
  • Suitable for arduous working conditions
  • Tested in compliance with the IEC 60296 standard

Our transformers are tailored to each project. They are used in a wide variety of applications:

  • Public and private distribution
  • Rail traction
  • Cement and mining sector
  • Photovoltaic & wind power plants
  • Hydroelectric power plant
  • Biomass, Biogas & Cogeneration
  • Storage (BESS)
  • Electric mobility (charging stations)
  • Green hydrogen
  • Nuclear power plant
  • Oil & Gas

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