TRFLEX REFOR flexible retention tank

TRFLEX ECO flexible retention tank

Tarpaulin characteristics: canvas 1450 GR/M²

Ultraviolet, oil and other chemical resistant fabric material used for retention tanks, offshore oil booms and other oil pollution control equipment.

The TRLFEX®-REFOR range of retention tanks consist of a high tenacity polyester tarpaulin coated with hydrocarbon resistant vinyl. The welds are made using a high-frequency process, which ensures they are watertight, robust and reliable.

Technical characteristics of the standard range

The TRFLEX® -REFOR retention tank structure is specially designed with a reinforced tubular metal structure designed to receive hydrocarbons and water for a long period of time in outdoor conditions.

The reinforcing bars are made of hot-dip galvanised steel, the T-joints of electro-galvanised steel.

The bar/T unions are all individually numbered to avoid confusion during assembly on site: the upper part is numbered, the lower part is lettered.

The default ground anchoring consists of 2 U-shaped units per facing, supplied with Ø8 self-sharpening concrete drills, length 100 mm.

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