TRT retention tank

The TRT hot-dip galvanised steel retention tank is designed to ensure a service life equivalent to that of the electrical transformer it equips. It is designed for use in both indoor and outdoor environments. It can accommodate any type of transformer containing non-explosive hydrocarbons.

A security siphon trap is also available on every TRT. It is adjusted to collect water at the bottom of the tank in the event of heavy rainfall or a filtration issue to retain the oil while evacuating excess water.

There are a number of optional items that can be provided with the tank, such as clamping braces, vibration-reducing silent blocs or hydrocarbons fire-extinguishing fuses.


“My equipment was accidentally punctured. Oil spilled into my TRT retention tank and, on top of all that, it’s raining.”

Don’t panic, the TRT retention tank is equipped with width-adjustable beams. With your equipment on top, it is above the zero level of residual water at the bottom of the tank.

“How do you separate the oil from the residual water? ”

The tank is equipped with two stainless steel wall taps to accommodate stainless steel valves. One for draining the TRT retention tank and the other for receiving a Petro-PIT kit for filtering rainwater contaminated by hydrocarbons. This system is efficient because it ensures the continuous evacuation of pollution-free rainwater.

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Safety standards & certifications


    on high voltage electrical installations


    on low-voltage electrical installations


    defines the installation conditions for transformers

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