Construction of a potable water treatment plant in La Mé

Location Ivory Coast - La Mé

ENYS POWER has contributed to improving access to potable water for the populations of the Abidjan region. Solicited for its expertise, the company joined the main players BESIX and VEOLIA WATER STI to respond effectively to the client PFO Africa, in order to ramp up the city’s potable water supply.

Construction de lusine de traitement deau potable de La Me

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PFO Africa



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€45 millions


Since 2018, BESIX has been in charge of building the sites and of the various works (earthworks, foundations, civil engineering, etc.) in close collaboration with VEOLIA WATER STI, in charge of project design and supervision.

Today, the potable water treatment plant treats about 240,000 m³ of river water per day and is located on the road to Grand Alépé, 40 kilometres north of Abidjan.

Enys Power Added Value

ENYS POWER, with the support of its partner SANERGRID, was able to offer VEOLIA WATER STI an optimal hydrocarbons management solution for the power transformers on the market. VEOLIA WATER STI validated the ENYS POWER-SANERGRID synergy and a unique and appropriate solution to a highly specific fire risk.

The specific constraints of the installation led us to innovate and propose a made to measure offer and key solution to the overall project.


EXTICOV-LHD fire extinguishing cover (Extinguishing grating for electrical transformer pit)

  • Répond aux risques liés aux feux de piscine d’hydrocarbure pour transformateur électrique.

PETRO BARRIER hydrocarbon filtration (Vertical drainage system for concrete manhole)

  • Répond aux risques liés aux eaux de pluies contaminées potentiellement aux hydrocarbures et aux cas de fuite majeure.